Television Services

EWA:  Television Service Application Form

Dear Allied Telesis BASIC TV service subscribers,


A year ago, the $15.00 TV service on the compound was slated to go away, so EWA stepped up and worked with Allied Telesis to bring TV reception to the compound via their Set-Top-Box (STB) system. The AFN (military provided) channels are free to authorized patrons, however to view them a Set-Top-Box (STB) is needed, which registration and a rental fee is applied.

Since this was a new project and it was urgent to initiate quickly to avoid a gap of reception, EWA volunteered to take on the liaison aspect for one year as a test. This consisted of 1) Issuing in and out the STBs, 2) Registration for the Basic Service plan, 3) Billing process to customers for the Basic plan, and 4) Make payment to Allied for that service. This was in exchange with Allied to not assess any compound subscribers a maintenance fee. It was undetermined if maintenance would be an issue or not at that time.

The results of the year notes no special maintenance issues for a fee assessment, so effective 1 February 2017, EWA will now step back a little, but only from the billing portion. Basic Service Customers will need to register with and be billed directly through Allied Telesis.

As a convenience to our membership, not having to go to Yokota Base individually, EWA will continue to issue, replace, and return STBs for all service packages. We will also keep the direct phone line, located on our Admin Counter, for your use if you wish to contact them by voice with billing and/or maintenance concerns.

Here is what you need to do if you wish to continue service:

  1. No later than 31 January 2017,  contact the Allied Telesis Customer Support team via the contact details listed below to create an account with Allied Telesis.
  2. The Allied Telesis customer support team will create an account for your service and guide you through the bill payment service located on the Allied Telesis web page at
  3. There will be a fee of $8.75 monthly for the Basic TV service (per household, not per STB) for account and billing service, plus the price of any desired set top boxes (STB).

Again, if you are an Allied Telesis Plus TV subscriber, there will be no change to your service or billing options as this message does not pertain to you at all.

Customer Service

Customer and Billing Service hours:

Monday to Saturday: 1000 to 1800 (10:00 am – 6:00 pm) JST


1-415-692-8300 (US Number)
03-6868-2300 (Japanese Number)

Web site:


***EWA will still assist with STB issue, exchange, and return. Please feel free to ask any questions when you pick up your box. EWA staff is still learning as well.

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